Marble is a hard metamorphosed and crystalline rock composed of calcite and or dolomite. Marbles come in different colours depending on the impurities present in the original limestone. Our company has marbles of various colours  either solid or in veins. In the stone industry, marble is usually called any non grainy stone capable of taking a high gloss polish. Marble can be used in interior and exterior flooring, walls, stairways, copings, coverings, vanity tops and decorative features. For marble kitchen counter tops certain   conditions   should be taken  under consideration regarding their use.


Granite and Granitoids

Under this heading we include granite, an igneous coarse  grained rock consisting of quartz, k-feldspar and a dark or more minerals such as biotite and sometimes hornblende. Other varieties under this broad title include diorite, gabbro, larvikite and metamorphic rocks such as gneiss of different colours. Granite and granitoids can be used in interior and exterior high traffic flooring, wall, stairways, copings, coverings and decorative features. Due to their composition they are  highly recommended for kitchen countertops and exterior bbq areas.


Engineered stone

Engineered stone is a composite material comprising of crushed stone, most commonly marble or quartz, pigment bound together by an adhesive or binder (cement mix or polymer resin).  The fields of  application of these products depend on the original stone and binder used. For the marble  based polymer resin product its uses  are as per  natural marbles’ but only for interiors. The marble based cement product (or terrazzo)  is suitable both  for indoor and outdoor use. The quartz based product (or technogranite) is used primarily for kitchen tops, work surfaces and vanity tops.
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Limestone and Sandstone

Limestone is a hard sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcite and or dolomite. Most limestone was formed from the accumulation of marine organisms. In the stone industry limestone is called any non granular stone that can be polished up to honed finish. It can be used in the place of marble.

Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand sized mineral or rock grains. It can be used as a building stone, wall cladding. indoor and outdoor flooring.

Pachna Sandstone

Pachna stone

Pachna stone, a calcarenite,  is a bedded sedimentary rock consisting of sand-size fragments of shell and other microfossil tests of calcium carbonate cemented although porous by secondary calcite. Quarried in the Pachna area, Limassol, it is available in a variety of finishes, shapes and sizes, from tiles, to slabs and blocks. It can be used as a building stone, wall cladding, flooring, crazy paving, copings and all kinds of decorative features.



Travertine is a variety of hard limestone formed by chemical precipitations from carbonate rich  hot springs with distinctive porous veins that give it a unique appearance. Travertine is available either filled or unfilled depending from its intended use and/or desired aesthetics. Travertine can be used for flooring, walls, stairways, coverings, copings, vanity tops  and other  decorative features.

Onyx and Semi Precious

Onyx and Semiprecious

The stone type  referred to  as Onyx in the dimension industry should have more appropriately called Alabaster. The stone is formed by chemical precipitation of calcite not unlike stalactites and stalagmites or is formed much like Travertine. Onyx, being not as hard as marble, is used primarily for special counters, tabletops and wall claddings, often back lighted due to its translucency so as to highlight its colours and veins.


Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are produced from various minerals clay and feldspar, mixed with chemical binder, compacted  under pressure and fired at high temperatures. They have very low water absorption (<0,5%). It is an alternative  solution for flooring and other uses as well. They can be used both indoor and outdoor. Visit Suppliers for more info
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