Select Desired Material

You can select the desired material for your floor, wall cladding or for any project you may have either from our site or by visiting our showroom. If in any doubt regarding the suitability of the material for its intended use, please do not hesitate to ask us. If you are interested for a kitchen countertop or vanity top, ask your supplier/carpenter or architect and they will forward a copy of your plans to us for estimating. You can also deal directly with us by making a simple drawing of your kitchen and bring it for a free estimate. If it is more convenient, you can also fax or email your drawing to us.

Offer Preparation & Order

Upon receiving your plans we will prepare you an offer. If you accept our offer, you can place an order. For an order to be valid a down payment must be placed. If required, we will visit your site for an on site measurement of your project (kitchen, bath, business, etc). When needed, we use a sophisticated laser templating system. This process provides us with extremely accurate raw data which is then converted into a production drawing utilizing CAD. With the the digital drawing of your job we can produce a life-size template of your job. This procedure allows us to manufacture your job to extremely tight tolerances for a beautiful finished project.

Fabrication, Delivery & Installation

Fabrication is done according to the plans, using laser guided saws for cutting, complex edge polishing machine for the profiles, hand polishing for special jobs and in some cases, we use our sophisticated CNC workstation for particular shapes, inlays or non standard production items. Upon completing fabrication, we will contact you for the delivery or/and installation. Our skilled crews will install your new countertops/vanity tops and will be ready for immediate use. In the case of natural granite or marble tops they will be sealed and be ready to use within the next 24 hours.

Care & Maintenance

As a general rule it’s better to clean natural stone surfaces with a neutral cleaner, green soap or mild (non vinegar type) dishwashing liquid and warm water. Even though technogranites and natural granites are generally more resistant to most kitchen environment acids, high concentration acidic liquids or cleaners and aggressive detergents are not recommended.