About the Company Yiannis Koromias Ltd


The Company: A Brief Description and History

It all started in the year 1940 when the ever memorable founder of the company Yiannis Koromias (1913 -1986) started the manufacturing of terrazzo tiles and like structures to supply the emerging construction industry of Cyprus of those times with these much needed construction materials. Since then, the company developed and grew and earned the greatest renown in its field. Grand projects in all of Cyprus and abroad witness to the high quality of goods and services offered by the company.

And where deeds do the talking, words seem to be rendered redundant.

Our motto

That our work will meet your praise.

Description of the Nature of our Business

Yiannis Koromias Ltd are purveyors of quality goods and services as regards the supply and elaboration of natural or engineered marble and granite, natural stone and a chosen series of ceramic tiles that it may offer them in reasonable prices. To this end, the company undertakes the design and development of special structures and cladding of any surface by employing qualified personnel for on-site measurements. After the drafting of the designs customised structures are developed. These are made to adhere with the extant standards of acceptable tolerances prevalent in the construction industry. To serve our customers is an inalienable part of our business and to the extent we accomplish this goal is the measure of our success.

Mission Statement

We aspire to be the industrial standard as regards service to customers and the supply of high quality of goods and services as regards the elaboration of marble, granite and the like, offering them at competitive prices even as we aim to the standards of attainable technical perfection and whilst abiding to the rule of perpetual improvement of our contribution to our public and our country.